Problem in understanding logic

Here i made a workflow by one tutorial,

here i didnt understand that if in assign min = containerArray(0) it will pick only 5 and will compare to the rest of the values of array then how it showed 1 as min.
like foreach
5 < 5 =
8< 5 =
6< 5=
3<5= it should be the lowest cuz condition has fullfilled here

then how 1 is lowest?

i got the solution,it was a silly question but i made clear everything.

Hi @ankur_kaushik2,

Alternatively, you can use inbuilt methods to find Minimum and Maximum values in array of ints
MaxMinArray.xaml (6.2 KB)

Later you can use the for loop to check conditions as you wish (greater than or lesser than).

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it was great information, thank you sir.

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