Problem in splitting the value in column

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to split the column creation status with number and text and post splitting ,it should be replaced with different alphabets
Kindly requesting your help in splitting the values and the values is dynamic it will be not same for everyrow.
Naveen Kumar

Hi @naveenkumarr ,
I am confused with your end result which you want please can you explain in little more detail with examples of what output you want so that we can help you in the best possible way.

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Shubham Dutta

Hi @Shubham_Dutta ,

please find the image attached,
for example : if the value in creation status column contains “Need to create Ticket for 26 8” (Please check previous image), it should be replaced by “Need to create Ticket for ACF CRF” or “ACF CRF”.

Hi @naveenkumarr ,
I have created a sample workflow with only 2 data i.e. “Need to create ticket for 26 8” and “Need to create ticket for 34 8 7”. and got the output in sheet 2 of input.xlsx file,
Go through my workflow and add your other data data details in further if conditions and add data row activity.
New folder (2).zip (9.1 KB)

I hope this will help you.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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Hi @naveenkumarr ,

Welcome to the UiPath Forum.

I see that you have a list of acronyms that you’d like to replace the invoice numbers with, and we would really appreciate it if you could provide some sample data to work with.

Since you haven’t provided anything, I will have to make few assumptions as I devise a solution for you.

Assumption #1
The List of acronyms is read into a datatable
Assumption #2
All invoice numbers are present in the list of acronyms

Keeping these two assumptions in mind, here is a solution I’ve come up with:
First we will create a Dictionary to hold our list of Acronyms.

dt_acronyms.AsEnumerable().ToDictionary(Function(k) k("Gasper Status Code").ToString,Function(v) v("Gasper Action Code").ToString)

Next, we will loop through each row in the datatable and generate a match collection which we will loop through to replace it with acronyms.

And here, we will loop through each match and replace it with the acronym.

ReplaceNumbersWithAcronyms.xaml (13.8 KB)

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K


Hello @naveenkumarr ,

Can you share the screenshot of the end result how it should look like.


Hi @naveenkumarr ,
If you have no more queries, please mark the solution and close the thread.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta


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Hi @Shubham_Dutta and @ashwin.ashok Thanks for the response and ideas given.

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