How do i read individual cells and put the values in a data table?



So, the data in the excel file is scattered and no pattern exists to use loops. For eg. cells to be read are I6,B6, I9, B11, C13, etc.

The question here is: Is there any way i can read the data and send them to fill up a data table of, let’s say, 20 columns.

To note: I’m aware of the schema being prepared using build data table and read range activity, which sends the values to the data table.

Is there a way i can continue and discontinue the read range for each cell in the excel file?

Awaiting your reply.



  1. Prepare your data table with the Build DataTable activity
  2. Get the number of rows of your excel file by using the Read Range activity with empty Range property
  3. Interate between those rows and use a counter to read individual cells using the Read Cell activity
    For example: Range = "B" & counterRow
  4. Create a new data row and insert the content using an array of objects with the Add Data Row activity and ArrayRow property


Hi @acaciomelo,
Thanks for the speedy reply.
Could you tell me the logic behind step 2 ?
Also, a working example would help me understand step 3 and 4 better.

Thanking you for all your guidance and support.


Also, i would like to elaborate on the problem statement.

  1. The cells to be read are known. However, the cell numbers have no patterns and are of different datatypes.
  2. How do i iterate under such a situation to read only those cells? Especially if there is no mathematical pattern.
  3. Will i have to create individual read cells for such a case?

Thank you again for all your time to help me out.