Print next line uipath

hello guys, do u know how to print next line?

the right output is on notepad
thank you


Use Environment.NewLine or vbCrLf to print next line.


next line sir not new line
Environment.NewLine or vbCrLf this is for enter


use vbLf and try once.

it doesn’t work


It prints next line right. What else you want ?

@Aluneth_X After reading text file assume in the output V1 replace new line with null.

V1=V1.Replace(System.Environment.NewLine, " ")

it should be 0.025 MT



Could you please show me some sample input and output for better understanding.

this is input

and this is output

the expected result is this

@Aluneth_X Replace newline with null


I asked input text and but not the expression you tried. From where you are getting this input ?

i get this input from excel using readrange and readcell

Hi @Aluneth_X
Can you show us how the value is in the cell that you read? Read it and output a message box and show what the exact value is so that we can decide the best way to convert it to your required output

Hello @Aluneth_X
you can use VariableName.Replace(vbCrLf," ") to replace all the new line with space so your output will be like this
PP Grade CP90NK blablablabla 0.025 MT @IDR 18150000 /MT
but as show in the image you want all the text after blablabla to be under next line so for that you can Split the data using this regex split method
this will split the data from and you’ll get array of string and for the final output you can use this
To get output like this
PP Grade CP90NK blablablabla
0.025 MT @IDR 18150000 /MT

Check this workflow for better Understanding
OneWaytosplitRegex.xaml (5.9 KB)


thank u sir

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