Print Excel file to printer

Hello i have a problem related to printing
So I have made an automation to process excel file and now I want to print that excel file as a hardcopy using a printer
how can I achieve this? also I want to set a certain parameter when printing (like page orientation, fit to page, etc.)

Thanks in advance

@Fauzan_Marantama - You have to build a workflow using Send Hotkey to achieve this…

Refer this post

I have tried that, but when i use excel application scope, it doesnt open the excel so i cant use the send hotkey & click activities because the robot cant find the element

I will try to build something tomorrow(my time) and will share with you.

Thank you, highly appriciated

@Fauzan_Marantama - Please find the starter help here…

Excel to (8.1 KB)

Currently upto ctrl+P is working, from here you can use click and select activity to pertinently to play with various printer options to printer the file.

For the attach window activity, It select the excel windows based on the name of the excel file
In my case the excel file can use different names, how can i make the selector know the name of the excel file?

@Fauzan_Marantama - Nope…Below is the screenshot of my current attach window…


So if you have dynamic file name, then simply pass that variable in the excel application scope, then that particular file will be opened and process will be continue…Please try this and let me know, if you need any help…

Still not working, but after pass the excel name into variable and then use it on the selector editor I can make it work

Thank you

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