Help with first project - Excel to PDF

Hello and thank you for any help. This is my first project and I’ve gotten a lot farther than I thought I would but now I’m stuck and I can’t figure it out. I’m 99% done and I can’t go any farther without help. In the For Each activity towards the bottom of it I have the following which is supposed to print each iteration of the Excel template into PDF with the variable strAWB as the name of each saved PDF. It’s not working.

I’ve also attached the Main here. Thank you for any helpMain.xaml (26.9 KB)

May I know at which activity you were getting error
Make sure these stuffs
—enable Simulate click in click activity in the property panel
—similarly for type into activity enable Emptyfield and simulate type property in the property panel of the activity

This will work for sure
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mworth123

@Palaniyappan - Thank you for your help. The error is on the Click ‘Tab Item Print’ and the please see these images

It’s not so much an error message as a fault.

I have implemented your changes and I’m still getting the same error message in the same place. I simulated click in both click activities. Is that correct? Sorry, can you look again?

Thank you again

Hi @mworth123

Can you Try Updating the first line of selector of Click ‘Tab Item Print’

I see an issue with the title attribute. Please take a backup of your original selector and then use the one below.

Update the title to -> title=’* - Excel’ instead of title=‘DS LOA Template.xlsx - Excel’

New Selector looks like


Hi ,
I don’t know . it will help you are not . But to do the Excel to pdf you can use this activity.


@mukeshkala - Thank you for your input. I’m still getting the same fault and it won’t continue. Any ideas?
Thanks again

@balupad14 - Thank you, is this a third party software?

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Instead of clicking the Print Button.

Have you given a thought on Sending Hotkey to do these set of activities.

E.g. :

  1. Send Hotkey : ctrl + p (To open the print menu)
  2. send hotkey : enter (once print button is highighted - to click on it)
  3. send hotkey : ctrl + shift + s (to save As)


No. It is not third party. It is developed by me.

Thank you

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@Balapud14 - Thank you, I noticed it’s not in the Manage Packages section of UIPath. How do I access it?

@mukeshkala - Thank you again for your input. I am open to anything that will allow this process to work. I’ve plugged in your idea. Don’t I then need the Type Into activity to save the file name as the variable? The variable is strAWB and I need it to save the variable contents as file name in PDF

@mukeshkala - Hello again, I plugged in your idea and it is saving each instance of the template with the same original name and it’s not converting to PDF or naming the file as the variable contents. Please help me to make this work

@Balapud14 - I’ve downloaded it. I have some noob questions. Where do I put it, how do I activate it, and how do I see it in UIPath itself?


Hi @mworth123,

Below I have shown the steps.




Hi @mworth123 ,

Yes thats Correct .

After you send a Hot key (ctrl+ shift + s) , Below window popup will appear

Here ,

  1. You will use a TypeInto Activity - to Type the FileName (Variable which you have created)

  2. Once Typed , you Can Send Hotkey Enter - This will Save the File as PDF - provided the Save as type is selected as .PDF

Also ,

One more approach is - In your typeInto - you can Type ( variablename+".pdf")
and Add Enter Key as shown below.

This will Add an extension of .pdf to file name and click Enter after it.



@mukeshkala - Thank you again Mukesh. I believe I’ve instituted your suggestions and I have a new error:
Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Also, I’ve attached the Main if you can take a look at that if it helps.
Main.xaml (27.1 KB)

@balupad14 - Thank you, I’ve installed it but I’m not seeing PDF as an option in the Save Workbook or the SaveAs Workbook. How do I use this to save as PDF?

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Hi @mworth123,

Check the message…

@balupad14 - Thank you, I’ve installed the other piece in your other post. I do see a way to convert Excel to PDF. It looks easy. I’ll let you know what happens. Thank you for this

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@Balupad14 - So I’ve inserted your Export Workbook activity in my For Each activity and it threw an error with some hex code. I put a Try Catch around it and the error stopped. The issue I’m having is that instead of converting the template into PDF it is just saving the template in Excel over and over and pasting in the variable for each iteration. I’ve added a couple of images and the Main. Can you see what I’m doing wrong?

Main.xaml (34.2 KB)