Print all sheet in excel

I have an Excel file that contains four sheets. I want to print a range of all the existing sheets

I have the sequence as shown in the picture

The problem I have: Only the first page is printed four times (with the number of sheets available)
How can I solve the problem

Hi Muneer,

You are not changing the sheets when sending the HOTKEY as CTRL + P. It stays on the same sheet.

Can you send the code with me and a sample file so that I can modify and provide the solution.

Firoz Rangrez

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رواتب اساسي - Copy (2).xlsx (39.2 KB)
Main.xaml (11.4 KB)

You can use this workflow to print all the sheets which is present inside the Excel workbook
Remember to pass the file name inside the variable “str_FileName” because the Print button selector is dependent on it.

I am not able to upload the file as I am restricted to upload so, You can find the .xaml file in this link.

Firoz Rangrez

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