[Precondition] Is any certain type/version of browser/application required for UiPath automation?

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Hi professors.
I was wondering if UiPath requires any certain kind/version of browser/application or anything as precondition.
Is there any difference in accuracy of UI element detection among different types/versions of browsers and applications?
For instance, if I use Office 2010 will the accuracy of detection be any lower than in other versions?

Hi @Kaoru_Hayashi,

Based on my experience, UiPath will work with different browsers but when the web page is opened in Internet Explorer, it gives much accurate result. We have faced issues in detecting web components(table) for one of the websites in both Firefox and Chrome. But when the same website is opened in IE, all the components were accessible.

There is no dependency on the specific version of the browser, but to work with Firefox and Chrome, the ‘UiPath Extensions’ need to be installed on those browsers.

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Thank you very much for the info, Madhavi.
Yes I noticed sometimes UiPath doesn’t work on Chrome in the same way as on IE, but I was no too sure what the root cause was. I failed to find specification notes on this matter and couldn’t conclude which of the version or browser per se I used was not suited for the UiPath automation.
I guess it’s better if I stick to IE anyway…?

How would you activate this when you only want to install the Robot since your using an Attended license?

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@ElectricBoogieYou Please follow below steps-

  1. In the environment, where studio is installed, Open UiPath Studio. Navigate to Tools and click on the extension you want to download. (I am selecting firefox here.
  2. In the same environment, Navigate to the appData folder. (C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.0\UiPath\BrowserExtension)
  3. Copy the xpi file for the browser extension that you want to add in the ROBOT environment and paste in the AppData folder of the destination machine. (C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.0\UiPath\BrowserExtension)
  4. Open the browser and run the extension installer by typing the path in the url block - file:///C:/Users//AppData/Local/UiPath/app-18.4.0/UiPath/BrowserExtension/uipath-ff.xpi
  5. Accept the terms. You will see the installation completion message.

Hope this helps for you.

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Awesome! I will test it soon! Thanks a lot @Madhavi :grinning: