Pre-fill input dialog


Is it possible to prompt a user with the input dialog but have the input field pre-filled with some copy?





It seems that I cannot pass the message itself as an option but instead have to pass it as an Array, which still works {Message}.

As a follow-up, is there a way when passing an array of options to set a default value? Basically, I want to make it impossible for the user to click Okay without selecting one of the options.


Hi @Gabe_Odess,

In the input dialog , It has one more feature as option selection like below.



Here the documentation



@balupad14 yes I know I can pass an array of options, however, when the prompt comes up, none of the options are selected. I’m wondering if there is a way to have one of the options pre-selected.


I guess one way to solve that would be to place the Activity in a while loop that checks whether the returned variable from the selection is empty/default. It will then keep asking the question until it gets an answer.


It doesn’t appear like there is an option to set a Default selection. I’m thinking you would need them to update it or create a custom activity as an alternate version. Another option is to create the input dialogue outside of UiPath and call it with UiPath… you can do that in Powershell, VB, or C#, et cetera.

That’s what I’m thinking anyway.