Practice Exam Question

Hi This is actually 2 questions.

  1. generic - why does the practice exam never change? I feel like changing the questions every time would be more helpful.

  2. On the practice exam there is a question of debugging best practices. I have tried almost every variation and cannot seem to get the correct 1: What is the correct order of : A)run in debug mode B)Run workflow C)Create breakpoints D)Check validation errors?

Thank You

I’m having the same issue. I’m almost 100% sure I’m right on a few answers that are marked wrong. It’s ridiculous that it doesn’t show us the answers at the end.

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Hi @David_Wittes, @jlev11,

The practice test has been designed to emulate the exam and has the purpose of giving you an indication of where you are in your preparation and what you need to study further. Ideally, it should be taken at different stages in the learning journey and it is the same test precisely to keep things simple and show progress, as that happens.
We are not offering the correct answers, because we believe it is best for candidates to find out the answers on their own and we also want to not encourage them to keep trying until they succeed.
Hope this makes sense. Have a nice day!

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Hi @Andreea_Baloi,

Thx for the support.

Your point is acceptable but I still wonder if there is a good answer for all questions since I also agree with one of the previous comments about trying all possible answers as displayed and still not getting the question right, is that supposed to happen?