Practice Tests - Poor Review Options

So I am trying out the practice tests on and its quite a frustrating experience to learn from.

Specifically because when showing you all the questions you got wrong they do not show you what you picked nor what the original options were. This means it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint where you went wrong unless you restart the test and get the same question again then cross reference it with the review on the previous test. Its very tedious and does not facilitate learning from your mistakes at all.

I totally get why you don’t just give the correct answer there and are instead trying to get people to look up topics themselves, but its just frustrating currently and I find myself instead redoing the test and on each one checking to see if I got it wrong before, then looking at the answers available and then looking into the topic further.

Please consider changing this feedback loop to a more positive one, had the test been longer I would have made a scraper for the exam to get me all the questions and answers.

If I were willing to dedicate the time to it I feel this feedback loop is so poor I’d actually make a bot to then take the exam for me so I could actually have a record of what option I picked too when reviewing the answers.

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The practice test is a tool to prepare for the Certification exam. It helps candidates get a ‘feel’ of the exam and identify ‘sections’ or ‘topics’ where they need to study and practice further.
The practice test results focus on the section level and not question level. We recommend that the candidate takes the practice test after they have done the recommended training, identify the gaps, prepare for identified sections, retake the practice test, if required, and then book the proctored exam for Certification.

How do you propose a person learns from the mistakes they make in the exam then?
Some of the questions are, for lack of a better word, a trick question and the ‘further reading’ doesn’t help you figure that out.
Especially since you cannot see what you picked and so its hard to see if you just made an obvious error if you re-read, so you might need to research a topic you accurately understand but just didn’t read the answers properly.

Once a person does some ‘further reading’ they need to retake the exam to test if that is correct. What happens in practice is that you just do your ‘further reading’ during the exam, like I said.

I stand by my statement that its an extremely poor way to encourage the user to learn and just creates frustration. Nothing you have quoted provides a reason to not provide the available answers for the questions someone got wrong, nor showing them to choice they made.

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I agree with you 100%. I personally am finding the practice tests to be a nightmare.