Poweruphackathon Delhi

Can students register for Powerup Hackathon delhi held on july20-21 ??

yes you can :slight_smile:

in FAQ Eligibility and IP section:

The hackathon is open to individuals, and teams of individuals, who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. The hackathon is also open to legally registered corporations or organizations with 50 or fewer employees.

Please review the Official Rules for complete eligibility requirements.


Then Why they ask for these ??! this means students are not eligible right??

dont worry, you can register and come

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Do Selected Team has to go at that place Delhi or we can access through remote & participate from our place ??

My team wish to participate in Delhi Hackathon which is scheduled in July 2019. Is there any provision that the team can participate remotely (from home city than travelling to Delhi) itself? What is the registration procedure that needs to be done in order to participate in such a manner?

You would have to be present in premises for the event as Uipath would be providing mentors to the teams and some events and other fun stuff is planned which would require physical attendance. Arrangements for food and internet is made. You would have to get your own laptops. Sleeping arrangements may or may not be there but the event will continue during the night (point of the hackathon)

If you wish to do it remotely, I would recommend you to apply in the Global Hackathon than this one

Ok. Thank you so much for you reply. Can you please provide the information/details on Global Hackathon or any link to register for it ?
Help is appreciated.

Ok. Thank you. Also for the Delhi Hackathon, is the idea provided by the UiPath team there
or we have to bring the idea and is there any process applied for the idea selection later??

Thank You.

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You can have both the cases, It is recomended you develop your idea before and perofrm the final touches during the event. In case you do not have an idea, you would be alloted a use case to build and demonstrate

Ok. Thank you.

Hi… is there any check that needs to be done to ensure the idea we have picked is not repeated in Hackathon? And how this care to be taken?

search on UIPath Connect. make an idea which is not published there

Do you know if the UiPath partner organization is also eligible for participation in any Hackathon Delhi/Global?

yes they can participate