Powershell Script in Adding Process in Modern Folders

Hi I’m trying to find an api/pwershell script that can add process to modern folders. As of now, per checking on this link for powershell script (GitHub - UiPath/orchestrator-powershell: UiPath Orchestrator PowerShell cmdlet library), the Add-UiPath process is just applicable on classic folder. Can someone suggest another way to suggest either by API or powershell script?


As Per the following response - The individual with UiPath who has been maintaining the UiPath.PowerShell module has been busy over the last year, and no ETA on when we’ll see further improvements.

As for a API method you’ll be looking at POST to /odata/Releases endpoint.

Swagger will show more specifics https://<orchestrator>/swagger/index.html#/Releases/Releases_Get

Can also check the online documentation, it may have examples (Will probably want to search for both “Processes” and “Releases”


The following Postman UiPath Connector Guide also exists which provides some API Examples

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