Cloud Orchestrator PowerShell Add-UiPathPackage

is it possible to use PowerShell to upload Package to a Folder. I am able to use Add-UiPathPackage to upload package to the Tennant, but I want to upload into the folder. When I execute my Get-UiPathAuthToken I can see that I am authenticated and that my Current Folder is slected. But Add-UiPathPackage goes to Default.

Any ideas?

What version of Orchestrator and what version of the UiPath.PowerShell module are you using? I haven’t seen many updates regarding Modern folders on the Module, but happy to try with my on-prem instance.

I see that you opened a Discussion in their GitHub - I might also recommend opening an Issue for the same. (I’ve previously opened a discussion back in Feb and it has gone unanswered).

Not much movement on Issues, commits, pull requests either though for 9+ months.

@Forum_Staff - Is the Orchestrator UiPath.PowerShell Module maintained and supported? Are the issues, discussions there actively monitored? What is the best way to get support for it and does UiPath encourage community pull requests to the projects on Github?

Tim thanks for replying. I got some info that this was a defect and that it is fixed in:

uipath-dev - UiPath.PowerShell | MyGet

I will test it either tonight or on Monday and let you know if this fixed. On the github I still ddidn’t receive any response from that team.


Hi M,
According to the owner of the library, this has not been implemented yet.
As you may have noticed from the activity (or lack thereof) on github, he has been more than a little busy for the past X months, so please keep the feedback coming and bear with us until he either picks it back up, or another UiPather takes over.


Is the maintainer or UiPath open to pull requests from the community @qbrandon?

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I believe this is one of the reasons for the code to be open source, but a PR needs to be reviewed and tested, so I would not expect that it would get merged right away though.

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