PowerPoint Paste item into slide

I am trying to take a snapshot of PDF page and using UiPath activity “Paste item into Slide” to paste in Power Point at a content holder place.

I am getting the following error - “Paste item into slide: Shapes (unknown member): Invalid request. Clipboard is empty or contains data which may not be pasted here.”

Can you please help? Thank you,

Hello @A_Learner - I hope you are using UiPath.Presentations.activities package. If so, then how about trying with Add image/video to slide activity

Thanks @Ushu, Let me try that.

Hi @Ushu, Before I try that I like to mention what I am doing works in debug mode. But run mode gives me the error. This is so strange.

Okay @A_Learner. Trying giving some delay before you actually paste the item in the slide and see how it goes

Hi @ushu
Increased delays. Sometimes it runs good. Sometimes it gives me the same error. Not sure…

Thanks again,

@A_Learner How about trying the below ones

  • Makes sure the screenshot successfully saved in a folder then try to paste the item in the slide
  • If the above one didn’t work give a try with Add image/video to the slide activity with the same flow

Increasing delays helped. Thanks

Great!! @A_Learner Please close the topic by choosing the appropriate post as solution