Do we have Orchestrator API to submit job? Need details please

Do we have Uipath Orchestrator REST API to submit job? Need details please.

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Have a view on this Docs


Yes I have checked. Not getting API which will submit the Job to execute.


Basically, We use jobs for view the logs… But, What do you mean by submit job?

Could you please elaborate a bit…


want to exceute the Orchestrator Process through REST API.

Hi @rpa_bot1 ,

Have you checked the below Documentation :

Yes, checking …tere an API called “start Process” ,POST operation. Will it work to submit process in orchestrator? Did you use this API ? Can you please share steps required to successfully execute it.

@rpa_bot1 ,

Maybe you could follow the Steps in the below post :

Let us know if you are facing any issues.

Thanks For your help. I can submit Jobs using API