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Scenario: Am trying to do some data entry from csv to web, all is working fine, but some times for few datas error is coming in popup window, I want to close that popup window and need to carry on from next row in csv file. If I tried to if condition means don’t know what to give condition field (Enter a VB expression), How to get that popup window in VB expression. Please help me out.

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Hi @gokulvasant

Can you define at which state/step the pop up is showing up, if you know where its showing pop up exactly then you can use click activity to close the pop window by setting ContinueOnError property to True and TimeoutMS to less than 5 seconds. May i know why the pop error occurs, its always better to solve the error rather than bypassing it.


Hi @gokulvasant,

  1. Use Image exists activity (in case citrix) or Element exists (in case of normal desktop).
  2. Get the value in boolean data type.
  3. Add a do while condition and specify the boolean value in the condition field (ex: found is true) coming from your image exists/element exists.
  4. Inside the loop attach window for popup. Take a click activity and click on the button u want to specify.
  5. It will search for the element using find activity and if it is found then it will click on OK/Cancel (inside do block) else it will jump to next activity.

Thank you,

Hi I have tried through If condition popup is closed now, but execution never happening…

It’s mandatory we need to follow Do while??

Please clarify. Thank you.

There are few ways I get rid of the random popup.

One way is I create the Click Activity for the popup but add ContinueOnError to True and set a low Timeout parameter so it ignores the error if it’s not there. This method is more useful if the error is consistently in a spot of the process.

The other way is to use a Parallel Activity with the Click Activity with ContinueOnError to True and low Timeout in a Do While on one side, and on the other side set a variable at the very bottom to tell the Do While to exit (such as a boolean variable. Basically, it loops in parallel and clicks it once the element is found to be clicked.

You can also use Image clicks instead of Element clicks. You can also use Exists Activities and an If condition instead of ContinueOnError.


@gokulvasant Yes because if you do not follow the do while loop it will not ignore if the popup is not coming.

Thank you all,

It’s not working in do while, don’t know what mistake I made it, but it’s working fine in “on element appear”.


How about using Get Active Window activity and passing a Alt+F4 hotkey in the catch block when a timeout exception is occurred in try block? Let us know if it worked.

If I use click image, and set continue on error true - with a timeout of 2 sec. Then It takes 30 sec for uipath to continue. This is a new problem for me - it used to work fine with the timeout. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

no, a timeout of 2 sec should be a timeout of 2 sec , maybe you should open a new topic with a screenshot of your config and the output/result


I am selecting item from a list to download report one at a time as per selected item…however if report doesn’t contain record , it gives pop up saying “no record found”.

Now i have use the ContinueOnError property to true in my click to select activity, however it’s not working…Please help


Try try catch activity, it works for you.

Could you please explain step by step? as i am new to UiPath. Which activity to use in Try Catch and what to do?

Hi, the steps in the for each loop to download report is as shown in image.

I tried using “element exists” and then send hotkey to close the pop up, however, now the loop is keeping on selecting the same item in the list for which there is no record pop up window comes up…please help with the steps for Try Catch

I have the same problem.Have you sorted out?