Populate multiple fields at same time



Is it possible to populate more than one fields at the same time instead of populating them one after the other?

For example,I have a form like web page with 10 fields and I already know what needs to be populated in each of them. In that case, would it be possible/feasible to populate each of those 10 fields together (at the same time) instead of having it populated one after the other (sequentially)?


Did you try with Parallel Activity

PS:I assume you wants to save some time.
make sure Simulate Type checked.(faster compare to other 2) just make sure you don’t have any hotkey(simulate doesn’t support)


Hey, thanks for quick reply.

Yes. Parallel activity was the first thing I tried but that doesn’t seem to fulfill the objective. I had a sample web form with 6 fields and they were getting populated one by one instead of together.


Have you checked this?