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Good afternoon colleagues!
I don’t have any API experience and I’m having trouble running it

I need to make a post to get the token and from there a get to retrieve the information I need


I got the answer with the token

When I click ok, it simply adds everything, in the main activity, the http request no longer appears and I don’t know how to proceed to do the get with the requests I need. really my knowledge about api is almost nil, if anyone can help me I’d appreciate it

this error appears after I click ok


Hi Karina:
I suggest to directly configure HTTP Request activity NOT using the wizard (Assistente de pedidos HTTP)

Make sure to include all the required properties and also output variables for StatusCode and Result.

Then make a few test runs and output the values to see if it worked fine (HTTP status 200 is expected)

Here is a practice (in spanish) that could be helpful if you are starting with API calls:

Prazer conhecer voce. Boa tarde

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Thank you, it will be very useful for my learning.
Even so, I still can’t use http request. I can get the answers from the post, but the error still remains. It only opens the wizard, after that this error appears and does not let me do anything else. I need to close and open again


Hi @karina_mota
try downgrading the package and see if issue still persist ?



Thank you very much, I created a new project and re-installs activity in an older version. The error is gone. Now I will try the procedure that the @dokumentor suggested. very grateful

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Great @karina_mota

if it works kindly close the topic and mark as solution so it will be beneficial for other forum members

Happy Automation

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