Please Give us more Instructions on the Double UI Exercise

Please note UI Path Re-boot your skills team, it will help you and well as the learners if you can have a small team of your own staff or Volunteers from the Forum to help those who are having trouble with the exercises.

Searching for answers in the Forum is a painstaking job and takes alot of our valuable time thus delaying our progress.

I need help on the double UI excercise, can anyone please volunteer to help me…Thanks in Advance…

Hi @rasheedh33 , we have a couple of exercises that use DoubleUI. With which one do you need help, more specifically?

Thank you very much for your reply…The Double UI exercise which is in the week 1 learners module. Chapter or Module 4 = Understand what you can automate and in that we have a Practice Build a Bot following the Robot Steps . Path PDF.pdf (394.9 KB)

Thanks a lot for your reply again.