Cannot access the course materials


I receive the emails every week but I am struggling to access the course material. Keeps looping between SingleSignOn and Landing. I am unable to logion to Uipath Academy


Hi Reshma! In order to access the course materials at your skills you first need to Sign Up on the Academy and the log in:
Are you encountering issues with creating your Academy account? It seems in our records that you don’t have an account created with the email address

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Hi Chisalom,

I don’t even get to put in my ID and password. When I click on the link below, keeps churning between and

I had setup an account with rchariwala, prior to the site upgrade linked with email address



Hi Reshma!
To fix your login issues, kindly follow these steps first: clear your cache and cookies from the browser, restart the browser session, then use this link to login:

Please remember to clear for All times and to close all browser sessions and tabs after clearing. Then, open a new browser session.

Now you can try logging in again by typing your email address, not your username. If you still cannot log in (you get the message Invalid Credentials), please reset your password. In case you don’t receive the reset email, please check your spam/junk folder.

Hi Chisalom,

I did all of these things and still encounter the same problem



One thing to try would be a different browser / network / device.

As such, could you try to access it via your mobile phone, just as a test?

Hi there,

I try to catch up the week one course, but when I go to “Sign an Email with Your Unicorn Name” the instructions are missing.

I have only the “Exit Course” button at the end.

Let me know if I need to do something.


Hi Robert! Could you attach a screenshot for me to understand the issue further? Normally you should be able to navigate to the course materials freely using the menu on the left side of the course.

Hi Oana!

It worked somehow. All good now.



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