Please Give me an idea about how to approach this Process, if Possible an Example Xaml

So My Sir Gave me a Project, it’s near to a realtime project.

Basically we will have a Table it consists of a Single Coloumn and Multiple rows(Usually in Hundereds)

So First we need to Read all the rows and add them into the Queue.
But the twist/Tricky part is

  1. we have to configure Adding the codes into Queue part in such a way that
    Based of Number we give in Assets it should go into Queue as a Group.

    As seen in the Scenario1 if the Asset is Blank the all the row’s should go into queue at once,
    if it has some numbers then it should go as a group.

Problem is i don’t even know what activities i should use to co-relate both of them.

  1. The Second one is there is tab in a webportal where we need to input the Date,
    He wants me to configure that in such away that, We can configure that through Arguments in Orchestrator.

And again i don’t know what activities i should use.

Please help me.

If I understand it well, you can get the Asset first and compare, then assign those values in an array, next add the array to queue

I’m not sure about this requirement, but I think you can create argument in your entry point xaml

Figure: Edit Process in Orchestrator

Figure: Argument in Main.xaml

Thanks azeem

Sorry, i didn’t got it.

Hi @Bhagyaraj_Digumarthi,

I am not sure why the person giving you such a task did not first guide you to the UiPath academy. If this is the case, it is not a good way to guide a student.

The forum can help you with approaches or ideas to get your automation to work, but I do not thing it is wise to ask someone to solve your entire exercise/task. It will be hard now, but it will also be worth it in some months when you look back and realize that this task made you invest time in learning the fundamental techniques in RPA.

I would strongly advice you to go through the material in UiPath Academy. Especially, courses such as

These courses are fundamental to your learning. It will take about a minimum of 2 to 3 three weeks with deliberate practice to get a hang of UiPath and its products. Keep practicing.

The community wishes you good luck.

Thanks Jeevith