Please clarify doubt in Building datatable

  1. Assigned a value to a variable SRGroup
  2. Built data table using single column name SR Group
  3. Added data row and writing in excel also

4.? Now when i run the bot next time it should not overwrite the existing values in excel. It should skip the row if the value is already in and start from the next row. Please help me on this


By this do you actually mean running the robot for the second iteration and not the 2nd instance of the loop for the same run.

In that case, ‘Write Range’ activity won’t work since it will always overwrite the datatable with the new row value and will inturn overwrite the excel data.

You can try using ‘Append Range’ if that’s how you wanna build, however you datatable will still have only 1 row.

If you want to use loop, then you may wanna have a look at this thread once,

Rammohan B.

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@Rammohan91 Thank you. Got it.

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