is not working


I want to download the uipath community edition.But the signup link form cloud platform is not getting opened in my trying with the url


Can you check now @pragyan1, it is working for me

No its not working on my computer. am using windows 7 64 bit with updated browser.but the page is not getting loaded properly.I have cleared all the cookies even,but still its not working.Am not able find the issue.

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Hi @pragyan1,
Seems that problem is locally on your computer. Please check other web browsers etc. I testes and platform is working fine.

I have checked with other browsers also.But its not working

Try with incognito window or with other browser even u tried to login
It was working fine for me
Cheers @pragyan1

please change the system date and time, it working fine. i got the results.

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Hi pabilto

I am newly learning uipath and very much interested in it, glad to friends like you.