Placing Hyperlink in message box for user to click

I would like to include a hyperlink in a message box that the user could click and it would open a web browser. How do I go about formatting the text of the URL, i.e., in order for it to show up as a URL?

Not exactly the way you want, but this is one way to accomplish

ClickLink.xaml (6.8 KB)

Thanks for this. Unfortunately that doesn’t solve my issue as the user will not select the link they want. The link is predetermined.

Besides “Input Dialog” activity (which was from old code), MessageBox with YES/NO buttons and you pass your predetermined URL to Message Box, when user clicks YES (since you can’t generate link), it will open in Browser.

Another solution is to develop a custom form pop up which will generate a link for your URL. This can be accomplished using Invoke Code or a Custom Activity.

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Do you have an example,?

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As for the inputs from @vvaidya,

He is suggesting that you create a message box having options such as Yes and No

If the user clicks Yes, get the workflow initiated for Opening the browser with the link on message box, else nothing

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Should have been a bit clearer. So was more so refereing to the custom form pop up. Wanted to see if there was an example I could leveraged. Thanks for owing up