Format text into hyperlink in textbox


I want to display text as URL in a textbox.
How could i do it?

Thanks in advance.


what is the text you are typing?

Its an URL…

In ui elements, diferent type of text boxes or fields doesnt support hyperlink
but if like this u are typing then mostly it must be in link format

It is a link. But is being displayed as text. I mean it should be clickable. it is being displayed as plain text “” .

may i know where you are typing the url

after typing this url what is the next step

I am typing the URL in a textbox in a web application. Once the URL is entered in the textbox, someone manually will have to open the URL. But since the links are unclickable they l have to copy and paste in the browser.
It would be great if the links appear as clickable links

can you send the screenshot of the page where you are typing