Pivot Table Filters

Hi. Looking into Filter Pivot Table ways. Saw we have Create Pivot table & Refresh…but no filter (add columns to either Rows or Values). I thought I saw a package I can download but can’t find it anymore. Also looking into VB Code…but don’t see values in here? Can anyone please help me? Thank you so much!

(Additional- do I just use an anchor base activity and hot keys to double click the cell next to Grand Total? Any ways I can do it in the background without necessarily opening up excel? Document is pretty hefty data wise)

Sub Adding_PivotFields()
'PURPOSE: Show how to add various Pivot Fields to Pivot Table
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com

Dim pvt As PivotTable

Set pvt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(“PivotTable1”)

'Add item to the Report Filter
pvt.PivotFields(“Year”).Orientation = xlPageField

'Add item to the Column Labels
pvt.PivotFields(“Month”).Orientation = xlColumnField

'Add item to the Row Labels
pvt.PivotFields(“Account”).Orientation = xlRowField

'Position Item in list
pvt.PivotFields(“Year”).Position = 1

'Format Pivot Field
pvt.PivotFields(“Year”).NumberFormat = “#,##0

'Turn on Automatic updates/calculations --like screenupdating to speed up code
pvt.ManualUpdate = False

End Sub

There is no Activity is available in UiPath to Filter Pivot table as of now. You can write a VBA code and execute it using the Invoke VBA activity.

thanks Harisha!

I’ve put the VB code, not too familiar with it, but know some from UFT. In this code (in original post above) i don’t see something for the ‘Values’ field…any idea how I can implement that as a filter? I see Rows, Columns, etc…but not Values

Can you provide some sample data and explain the exact requirement so that I can get a clear picture

Hey Harisha,

I’ve got an excel sheet like the image below. image The top row are column headers. Need to create a pivot table from this.From the pivot table, I’d like to put ‘OFF’ column in rows filter field and "NUM’ column in values filter field. I’m trying to do this in the backend instead of clicking in Excel per se. Thank you so much!

is the issue resolved ? can u let me know what the solution u got?