Ping PC if its in the network and create log file

How get logs file if pc is ping and pc not available in the network ?

if its connected to orchestrator we can get from there
is it connected to orchestratro
Cheers @nibu

I am using communication editioned and connected to orchestrator @Palaniyappan

Then we get the logs from the orchestrator in the robot tab or in the jobs tab
— in robot tab click on the right end with three dots and click on view logs so that we can get the logs
— or in the jobs tab Same on clicking on the three dot and click on the view logs

Cheers @nibu

many thanks and how can I open cmd and ping pcs numbers and if the PC is in the network it will write in Excel column A and if PC is not in the network it will write in Excel column B ?

Hi @nibu

Would this new beta package be of help here? :slight_smile:

While trying to remove user from AD group using the activity ‘Remove user from group’ i am getting an error ‘Remove User from Group: An error has occurred: The server is unwilling to process the request.’
When i try to do the same operation using Powershell, it prompts me to confirm my action but i do not see such option to ‘Confirm/Force Remove’ in ‘Remove User from Group’ activity.
Do i need to make any changes in my group setting in AD?