Performer: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi everyone, I have a mistake that I just don’t understand. I created a queue on the orchestrator and now first of all in the performer project I want to set the get transaction data and I just have to enter the name of the variable related to the queue. however it gives me this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

It simple states you are passing a null value to the activity, Can you please with a message box before passing to the orchestrator?

what? I have created a dispacher project that loads the queue on the orchestrator, now with a new project (performer) I would like to download this queue and on the config I have the right name.

Can you please let me know which activity is erroring out? @pam

Get Transaction Item thanks

yeah, if you are passing the queue name from the config file, please ensure that it is passing the value to the get transaction data activity from the dictionary or whatever you have. You can check that placing the same variable in the message box before that activity, if it is null, then the message box will also throw the same error.

also with a previous message always with the formula: in Config (“OrchestratorQueueName”). ToString from the same error …

Oh, It seems the dictionary itself is passing null. Please check that @pam