Performance Testing



Is it possible to integrate Microsoft’s VSTS (webtests) with Jenkins .so that I can trigger and schedule my performance tests (load ,endurance tests).Any thread or article on this continuous integration would be helpful…


we are currently discussing (only this for now) scenarios in which UiPath Studio can be used as a Software Testing Tool.
its important for us to know if our users are interested in doing test automation with our product, so this thread is much appreciated.


let us know how it works…


even i am interested in exploring using UIPath as a test automation tool


I’m interested


UI Path as an Automation testing tool I feel we under rating it…I’m expecting it to become Cognitive and be an first alternate to Intelligent Automation… Just my opinion


The testing market seems huge though… and UiPath has some advantages when it comes to automating desktop apps.

Even AA started as TestingAnywhere :slight_smile:


Hey, I am using Uipath as Automation testing tool. i am using it to automate desktop applications . Now i want to integrate jenkins with uipath can any one give me ideas how to do it?

Thanks in advance!


I am already using UiPath for testing of web application, at present working on regression only, planning to expand it to other testing methods.


hi there, do u have any sample testing framework created for regression? How do you go about reporting in UiPath for regression scenarios.