Perfom Multiple Google searches without the "im not a robot" popup

Hey Team,

So i was building a Workflow that gets data and fills an excel DTB. Then it iterates through each row and does a google search, gets a scrapped DTB of the results and then moves on (other functions are performed after this, but that’s irrelevant to this question)…All was working fine until after a few pages, Google pops up with “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA and then eventually the “choose all the images with (street sign)(eg)”

Anyone know another way to search multiple pages and not be “robot blocked”???

*** Although i did feel a little joyous when i automated the Workflow to click the “im not a robot” checkbox and move on…SMALL VICTORIES :slight_smile:

Thanks all

The CAPTCHA image is designed to prevent automation in general, so getting around it requires advanced image recognition and identification technology. I don’t know of anything specifically targeted at CAPTCHA images, but would love to hear if anyone else finds something on this.