I need to bypass Captcha image code!

I try Google, Microsoft, Abby OCR, but all this tool not return the exact match, Help me out of these.

@Deepak2129, Google ReCaptch V2 is made to prevent BOTs.
It is not impossible but need to incorporate an artificial intelligence algoritham with Image process to text with high definition capturing method. This is costly at this moment based on current market.
So, my advise… find out your application behavior how google ReCaptcha was utilized.
Example, if your application used only 1 time at the bigining of the session then Pause the BOT and make it pass Google ReCapcha manually and make BOT proceed further to continue your application. (continue as un attended BOT for rest of the process)

if your application is using Google ReCaptcha for every transaction then you need attended BOT which will pause at ReCaptcha and process ReCaptcha manually and proceed further…

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Thanks @rkelchuri for your suggestion, But i need to do with unattended Bot :slightly_smiling_face: