PDF To Word Conversion

Hello Guys,

Anyone knows is there any package or activity to convert PDF document to a word file with the images. I have tried many, but none of them has a package to convert to a word document with images.

Kindly request your help on this.

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You might need to develop a custom activity to do this. Refer the below link.


Hey @KannanSuresh ,

Thanks for the update.
do i need to develop in the uipath or as per the given link by using using Asp.net MVC ?

I am not sure if there are any activities readily available in UiPath Go that can help you in converting PDF files to word. If not available, you would have to create a new custom activity using C#.

See the link below for possible activities on UiPath Go that might help you.


If they do not work for you, see the link below for a webinar on creating custom activities.


Thanks a lot buddy :). highly appreciate your help

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