Need to Install PDF to Excel Package

Hi All,

I had reviewed few topics in Forum for how to install PDF to Excel Package but I had confused little bit. Kindly advise how to install it.

Thank you!

Hi @BaskaranVenkatesan,

Kindly check this article.



Go to Manage packages in Uipath studio and search for required package and then install it.

Hi Lakshman,

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I had reviewed some topics in Forum. Based on that i had download the package from " RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace" and created own package. In the ExcelActivities package i have Export Pdf to Excel.

image .
When i reviewed the Pdf to to Excel properties, its different.

Please see the below screen shot for referred Link. Kindly advise how can i correct it. UiPath PDF to Excel Extractor | Devpost


Till now i also didn’t use this activity. So i don’t have any idea on this.

Once place this activity inside Excel application scope activity and try it and also provide PDF file path and password if it contains anything and output sheet name. Then it will read PDF data and will write into provided sheet name in Excel file.