How to convert pdf tabular data to csv format.Can anyone guide in this?

By screen scraping i am getting output i.e tabular data in single column.How can i get the same pdf tabular data in csv format as in same format.I am trying in many ways.But not able to get correct output.Please help anyone.

This is sample pdf
pdf sample2.pdf (96 KB)

This is sample excel sheet

sample excel data.xlsx (568.7 KB)


This particular PDF document does not look reliable (it looks like the columns are missing).

However, you could try a short way around.
Save the PDF file as either Excel or HTML and extract your data from there.

It will be much, much easier.

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Hello @loginerror

How we can save PDF into other format it is not possible right…?

Hi @Janga_Shiva_Raj

It should be doable. I know that Adobe Acrobat DC has that under File → Export to menu.

It has a bunch of formats: