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I have a pdf in which the word ‘Narration’ occurs 5 times…for every ‘Narration’, I want the text to split into another text file such that all the sub-text files, start with ‘Narration’ and end with the word before next ‘Narration’

can someone help me out?

Try this solution:

  1. Read PDF using “Read PDF text” activity and store output text in a string variable(say var1)
  2. Split var1 by the word “Narration” and store it in an array variable(say array1)
  3. Now use for each loop.
    For each item in array1
    Write item into a text file using “Write text file” activity. Name the file with a unique naming convention.(For example, “YourFileName” + Now.Tostring(). This is because you are creating 5 files, the name of one file shouldn’t overwrite other files)

okay, let me try this

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Let me know if you have any doubts/if you need any more help

it worked…thanks…

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