Reading multiple PDFs and outputting each to a text file

Hi there. I’m trying to read PDF files in a folder and extract them in the end so that each PDF file output to separated text files. I looped the folder which contains pdf files to be read. What should be my next step?

Hi @EmirY

You can use write text file

Yes but I want to create a text file for each pdf. However they’re being combined in 1 text file.

@EmirY - Please try like this…

My Output


Hope this helps…

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If you need separate text file

You can try like this



please give unique name in write to file name properties because it always override your output in same txt file

like this you can do

you can create rowindex varaible in for loop activity and paas to into write to filename

hope you will find answer

Thank you so much for all your replies. It works now. I’ve a similar additional question: What should I do if i just don’t want to output them to separated txt files, but I just need to print for instance the second read pdf file to the output panel?

Hey Just use counter of for loop and use if condition and check whether counter is equal 2 and then use write text file activity in if condition body.

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