PDF Page Splitter based on Specific element


I need a automation to be performed on PDF file.
PDF file contains multiple pages and I need to split pdf to multiple PDF files based on below criteria.
Lets say file has big X mark on page 9 ie., pages 1-8 will be saved as one file… similarly pages between X and X will be considered as one document. Below is the X Mark
which BOT needs to recognise and according spit the PDF in multiple files. Kindly help!

I am unsure if this will exactly solve your issue, but I created a PDF splitting tool based on regex expressions. Unfortunately it doesn’t have image reading capabilities, however if there is another way to determine the page split based on certain content pattern inside the pages text, this should work for you. Sorry its not a perfect solution for your query but I hope it can help!


Thank you very much for your reply,
But I was able to automate it, by actually opening the PDF file and searched for the element by iterating through each page.

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