PDF Line item extraction

How to get data from ExtractionResults output parameter, as i am not able to get the data while printing the extractionResult variable in msg box.
It is returning the package of ExtrationResults.

Hi @Dhananjoy_Kumar

Are you using Read PDF text with OCR

Ashwin S

Hi, @AshwinS2
I am using taxonomy with machine learning extractors.
I am try to read a pdf and trying to store the data into variable.
Any help will be good.

Did we try using READ LDF or READ PDF WITH OCR Activity to read those pdf
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do you want extract particular text or complete text please let me know its easy to help you

Cheers @Dhananjoy_Kumar

Hello @Shriharsha_H_N
I want to extract PDF line item which may consist of multiple line data item.

Use Regex method its easy to extract

System.Text.Regularexpressions.regex.Match(pdf input, “(?<=ALT UOM)(.*?)(?=^)”).tostring

Cheers @Dhananjoy_Kumar

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Can explain further on the regex method?