Extract specific data from lined PDF

Hi All,
I am trying to extract particular data from lined pdf using Regex, Even though Am getting output which is not complete i.e. If the line passes through the specific data one or more element is ignored and return an empty space instead of that character.
Thanks in Advance,

hello @nithya
if you get an empty message is that it’s not matching the data pattern of regex

Hi @nithya,
As like @Pradeep_Shiv told check your pattern weather it matches for all the pdf, try to read the pdf and write it into a txt file or write line and copy that and try to write Regex for that.
Some times Read PDF Text activity may return something which is not visible.

yes @Charan022
@nithya and make sure you give True for Preserve Format in ReadPDFText activity Property Panel

@Pradeep_Shiv @Charan022
I am trying it


Is your Query Solved, If not check you regex pattern properly and remove the duplicates to get unique match.