PDF invoice data extraction

Hi ,
I am an accountant and i have a private soft where i receive the invoices from my clients. On every day is a workflow of 5000-10000 invoices. There are more types of invoices, most of them are PDFs. some of them are pdfs scanned(just a few) . I need a solution to extract the Total amount of the invoice (total amount that must be paid). Because we are working with more clients , there are a lot of types of invoices , so a template based solution is not good. I know that there is a solution from UiPath , but don’t find exactly. I need to know the costs of it , because other providers have a too expensive prices. I need just one field to be extracted, and my soft will display the invoices name.pdf and next to it the total amount to be paid.
what i need to know is this: 1. what i service i need from UiPath . 2. what subscription i need for my account and what are the prices? 3. i don’t need something in cloud, i can provide own server for this.
Hope somebody can help me. I am also interested in someone who can code and provide a solution .