Can't extract amount from Invoice PDF using Get Text

I am trying to extract the total amount to be paid (“Total de plata”) from the attached invoice: Factură 77179908 10.07.2019.PDF (55.3 KB)

This is the selector I use:

and I UiPath highlight it correctly:

but when I run the workflow, the value “5.961,47” is not extracted.

Any idea what I should do different?

Hi Cezar,

If it’s only a sigle value that you need to extract, I suggest to use Substring or regex to retrieve what you need.
You can test here the Regex combinations.

Also, why I prefer Regex/Substring:

  1. the process is in the background.
  2. No environmental issues with Adobe…

If you need more details, let me know.



Hi @Cardon_Cezar

I created a sample project from Mr.Wasea’s advice.
Maybe you can use it for guideline

1.Get current project directory
2.Get PDF file path
3.For each to loop read data from PDF file
4.Use Regex to get Total de plata,Total,TVA 19%
5.Check output value

*You need to install [UiPath.PDF.Activities.ReadPDFText] for using Read Full PDF activities

Check output
image (71.9 KB)

I hope it will be useful to you :blush:


Hi @Natapong

Thank you for help.
I installed the package UiPath.PDF.Activities

… but still I can’t use the workflow:

Salut @wasea

Unfortunately I have almost 0 programming knowledge, so I can’t really use RegEx.

How would you see the Substring expression?

@Cardon_Cezar If you have Installed PDF Actvities, I suggest you to use to read the input pdf file using Read PDF Text Activity, and then Output the Value in a Messag Box or Write Line to Check if the Value is Appearing in it. If it appears then we can further do regex/String Manipulation to get the value you need.


Hi @Cardon_Cezar

I created a new sample project compatible with your activity version.
Please try to open it again. (75.3 KB)


Hi Cezar,

In addition what @Natapong did, here you can see an approximate substring command where we get the same values:

Tota_de_plata = PDF_text.Substring(PDF_text.IndexOf(“plata:”)+“plata:”.Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0).tostring

Total = PDF_text.Substring(PDF_text.IndexOf(“Total:”)+“Total:”.Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0).tostring

TVA19 = PDF_text.Substring(PDF_text.IndexOf(“TVA 19%:”)+“TVA 19%:”.Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0).tostring

I hope it helps.



Hi @supermanPunch

I used Read PDF to extract the invoice’s text and then I inserted it in the attached txt file using Write Text File.
Factura.txt (1.7 KB)

All that text is a string. How do you suggest to extract in a generic way the amount 5.961,47 from the line “Total de plata: 5.961,47”?
As an anchor, "Total de plata: " is constant on a separate line.

@Cardon_Cezar Is the Format of PDF fixed? That is Other PDF files from which you want to extract the Value have the same Format? If So , we can use same regex expression to get the Value.

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