PDF insertion in Create Form Task

I am trying to display the PDF in the Create form task for approval in the action center.
I am unable to perform the same.
Please help me to resolve the issue.

Add a HTML Element with, for example, the following content:

<iframe src="http://www.orimi.com/pdf-test.pdf#toolbar=0" width="100%" height="500">


That’s working fine. But what if we want to display the local Pdf file instead of URL.

Have you tested to set the src to:


Thank you for your early response.
I have tested the file extension already. But its not working please help me.

This works for me:

<iframe src="/file://C:\temp\dummy.pdf#toolbar=0" width="100%" height="600" />

I think the original query is for the FormTask, such that the local file shown in the Action Center.
Even though the Preview works with local file, the actual FormTask is not showing the file from the orchestrator, it seems…

Hope this feature will be applied to the FormTask soon.



@CheolminHwang Yes, you are correct. I missed the Action Center part of the original question completely. :man_facepalming: