PDF Excel Match numbers

I have a excel worksheet with 2000+ invoice numbers. I have a PDF file that has the same invoice numbers. I’m working on a automation where i need the robot to cross reference the 2000+ invoices numbers with the matching invoice numbers on the PDF file. The robot needs to go through each invoice number in the excel sheet and find the matching number in the PDF file, if the robot finds the matching number then it needs to change the color of that invoice cell to yellow and orange if there is no match.

The robot is checking that the invoice numbers from the excel worksheet match the numbers on the PDF. Any ideas would be great!


Are these invoices in the same format? or are they in different formats?

I think you can use the Read PDF file activity to convert the PDF file text into a string and then do a string comparison to see whether that invoice number is available in the string. based on the result, you can update the excel file.

If not, the other approach would be to use Intelligent OCR, and read the invoice ID (Good if the file is in different formats) and then do the comparison.

I have one excel files with invoice numbers. I receive a PDF file with invoice numbers. I need to make sure that the invoice numbers and company name in the excel file match the invoice numbers and company name on the PDF. The PDF is the master file and we want to make sure that our excel numbers and company name match that of the PDF Master file.

There are thousands of invoice numbers to check so automating this process will save us from having to go line by line in our excel files and to make sure they match up with the PDF file.

If the invoice numbers from the excel sheet match the invoice numbers from the PDF file then i have to color that cell invoice number yellow if there is no match then that invoice number cell needs to be colored orange

The PDF also has other information on it but I’m only interested in the company name and invoice number matching up with the company name and invoice number of my excel sheet