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I have a project with two Files, a PDF file and a Excel file. My goal is to build a robot that will read a number from a cell in excel and look for the same matching number in the PDF file once the robot finds the matching number in the PDF file it will color the excel as either yellow for finding a match or Orange if that number cannot be found. Any suggestion would be great. The excel sheet will have 2000+ numbers that need to be cross referenced with the PDF file. The robot will go through each number in the excel file and find the match in the PDF file.


Hi Nathan,

You can simply read the excel using Read range activity, it will return a data table iterate the data table using for each loop and get the cell number which is required to search in the pdf. Add a read pdf text activity inside the for each loop, this activity will return the whole text , add a if activity and check the contains method if the search number is unique otherwise do the string manipulation to search the text .
If the excel number found in pdf then use the invoke code activity to colour the cell in excel.
Find below the link for reference to colour the excel cell
How to set colour in particular cell in Excel.

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