Pdf data

I Want to extract the Employee id, Name ,Date hours from multiple PDF and put this data in Excel file…

Hi @Shubham_Akole

Use Directory.GetFiles(inputfilepath)

Use Read Pdf text with OCR

and then use matches activity and then use write cell activity to enter the details

Ashwin S


But in pdf number name and digit available then how to extract

Hi @Shubham_Akole

use matches activity to get the number and name and digit

Ashwin S

A_T_Jan_20.pdf (9.4 KB)

in above pdf i want to extrack Employee ID ,Name ,Today Date and total Duration

Hi @Shubham_Akole

give the regex expression
for date as
For Code as
(?<=Employee Code:-).*
For Name
(?<=Employee Name:-).*
total duration
(?=Total Duration).*

Ashwin S

It use with Bracket ???

Hi @Shubham_Akole
yes in regex expression we need to give

Ashwin S

Sequence.xaml (9.9 KB)
why file is not created??

Find the code in the link : http://tiny.cc/ExtractEmpDetails

PS: Please read the annotations written for each arguments. Hope it helps.!

@Shubham_Akole, You got Solution ah?

no. please send if available

in my pdf I want to extract all total duration with date and save to excel

@Shubham_Akole, Please refer the Output screenshot for your PDF file.

if its correct means … i will send the XMALfile to you

sorry ,your image is not loaded

I want,
date Tduration
12 thu 12.08
13 wed 11.55

Like that…with Employee Id and Name
create separate excel for each

@Shubham_Akole, You want Daywise TotalDuration ah?



EmployeeID Name Date Tduration
47 Ashutosh 12 thu 12.08
13 web 11.55

…like this