PDF Data Scraping Fail

Hello everyone, I try to use data scraping from one pdf document.
However, I only get the top 3 details of 15 details from the pdf.
Please give me some advice to solve it.

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HI @Son_Suu

If possible can you share the PDF here?


Thank you Sudharsan.
May I email you?


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Have a view on this for multiple ideas with sample workflows

Cheers @Son_Suu

Hi @Son_Suu ,

Do we have to use Data Scraping Wizard for Extracting the details?

As a First try, have we used Read PDF Text and Checked the Data that was Extracted. If we are able to do the operations in Background instead of UI Activities, it could be much faster and an efficient solution.

Let us know if we are able to read the data using the Normal Read PDF Text Activity and also let us know what are the type of fields to be extracted. Is it Table data or normal fields?


Try This :
→ Use "read Pdf text " activity .
→ save the output in the “write text file” activity.

I could suggest doing this tutorial … maybe could help to your purpose …


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