PDF data extraction issue

Hi ,

I am trying to extract some data from PDF using anchor base activity. When I select the PDF element in “Get Text” activity the PDF is showing me as an image where I am not able to select that particular element i want(I guess it might be reading it as a PDF image, But when I use read PDF activity I am able to get all the information to a string variable). So any one had similar issue can help me on this? Pasted the screenshot below for the reference.

Here i need to collect the data below sat and Fri(ie, 8/5 and 8/11)…

Any suggestions or guidance for extracting those kind of data? Your help would be much appreciated, Thank you in advance.



Did you try to use the activity Read PDF Text? This activity will return you a string with all the content from your PDF file and using some string methods (like substring, split) you can extract exactly what do you want.


Thank you for your reply @Ninett_Panfir.

Yes i tried it and I can get the value in string. But the problem is I have similar files where I have to extract the same kind of data which will be varying in positions. So I decided to go with anchor base in a thought I can find the value.

See if this helps

HI Ninett
i want the data extract from the multiple pdf file and store in one excel file …
like invoice number ,data,register no …
if i am using substring or split .then its extract data from one pdf only how can i extract data from all pdf and store in one single pdf file