PDF Data Extraction in csv

Hi all,
I have pdf file

like this and i want to get all data in proper manner in csv file.i tried multiple ways to extract data but columns are not coming in proper way.

HI @sayali_rokade

You can do couple of ways…

  1. Download the PDF file and open it in Adobe reader… Then do Data Scraping on the PDF file
  2. Next, you can use UiPath Document Understanding to extract the values

which data scraping i tried but all data save in single column

Did you use the Data Scraping wizard that you can find on the top menu of Studio?

yes i used but not getting teble data in excel properly


Can you share a sample pdf file?


i have shared u screenshot,

i have one pdf file and i want to get invoice no,amount and all fields in proper format in excel or csv

Please upload the pdf file not a screenshot.

i dont have access to upload PDF file thats why i send u screenshot

@sayali_rokade - could please use read pdf text activity and set preserve format to true and save the output to String variable.

Then use write text file activity and share the text file here.

thanks for reply my text file is Test1_page1 (2).txt (1.6 KB) so
i want data like Invoice Number 108027883
Document Number5001211394,Document date28/12/2020 ,Invoice Amount486167.80,Deductions 0.00 and Net Amount486167.80 like this data in excel in diffrent column.pls help me if u know

Hi @sayali_rokade - Please find the starter help here… Regex_SR.zip (44.2 KB)

Regex pattern link : From here you can learn how the pattern has been derived…

Hope this helps…

yes i tried this but i want dynamic solution as you know columns are same and if some data from one table due to length going to next page then how to use regex .i tried but not getting proper solution.if i use this for another bank in last row in description whole data coming

Your data needs to be consistent in order to Regex to work. if the table rows are spilling over to next page I think it’s really hard to get the Regex pattern. please try Document Understanding as other option.