PDD and SDD documents


Do we have any PDD and SDD format avilable for UiPath Project. Please share the template.


Do we have any SDD format available for UiPath?

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Would also be very keen if anyone has solution design document examples or templates to share.

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In level 3 training, UiPath is providing PDD document.


Yes PDD doc is there but are you aware of any SDD doc in level 3 training as I have not completed level 3 yet?

Has anybody SDD template?


have you got SDD template? if yes, could you share to me?

I just passed the RPA Implementation Methodology Training and mentioned SDD but never give me the link.

I suspect that Process Design Document in Level 3 training is similar to Solution Design Document (SDD). Otherwise, PDD that you will go during training and they provided download link as a template. remember PDD is Process Definition Document. If you compare the contents between them is so difference.

isn’t it @ovi


If you join UI Path Academy and pass the BA training test, you will be able to download templates of these documents. No need to go as far as level 3.

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I see a PDD but no SDD in the Business Analyst training.


The UiPath SDD (or DSD) template is provided here.


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Hi! All the templates are in the Academy.
Now, June 2020, you can find all the templates in the following course:
Academy\Learning Plans\RPA Implementation Manager Foundation\RPA Implementation Methodology Fundamentals

One you are into the course click on ‘Resume’ in the module with the same name:

You will find a section called ‘Learning Resources’
There you can find the Templates to download:


Try this

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